Monday, February 19, 2018

Pregnancy Update: THIRD TRIMESTER

Happy Mommy Monday!

       Oh yep! Today it's my last pregnancy update. I can't believe it! I seriously can't believe this is the end of my pregnancy and in only 4 days I'm going to meet my precious baby girl. I'm so grateful for every moment of this experience. And I have so much love, respect and appreciation for my body, it's growing a human inside of me and all I get to do is observe the miracle.
        So here is my little recap of what my third trimester was like.

28 WEEKS - Baby size: a large eggplant
Welcome 3rd trimester!

29 WEEKS - Baby size: a butternut squash
She's not even born yet but she is already so spoiled and loved!

30 WEEKS - Baby size: a cabbage
Home for he Holidays!

31 WEEKS - Baby size: a coconut
This was our first Christmas when 1+1=3.

32 WEEKS - Baby size: a pomelo
Goodbye 2017! Hello 2018!

33 WEEKS - Baby size: a pineapple
Nesting mode is on!

34 WEEKS - Baby size: a cantaloupe
I could sit and watch her kick for hours!

35 WEEKS - Baby size: bunch of carrots
35 weeks preggy & 35 more days to go! What?!

36 WEEKS - Baby size: a romaine lettuce
Amazed by the miracle that's growing inside of me!

37 WEEKS - Baby size: a honeydew melon
There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you!

38 WEEKS - Baby size: a spaghetti squash
Where every conversation starts with "Yep, still pregnant"

39 WEEKS - Baby size: a pumpkin
I'm happy, I'm calm, and I feel wonderful!

Take care Mommies!

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