Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas + Wrapping Tips

Hello lovelies!

        Christmas is coming up super fast! It's almost here! And sometimes it's so hard to find the perfect gift for your love ones. And there are also so many ways to wrap your gifts this holiday season. But today I have a solution for this two problems and I decided to do a few DIY, super cute, easy and affordable Christmas gifts. So here I have 5 last minute gifts ideas and also some wrapping tips for you.

1. Girly Gift in a Jar
        I use some embellished gloves (click here to make it yourself), a perfume and some sweets.

2. Make-up TP Roll
        Here is another way to wrap your gifts using TP Rolls (click here for the tutorial)

3. Goodies in a Mug
       Cellophane is very easy and cute way to wrap your gifts. Take a mug, fill it with goodies, wrap it in cellophane and add a cute ribbon and a tag.

4. Grown-Up Special Kit
       Now here is great way to give alcohol as a gift. Forget the wine this year and give this special handmade kit.

5. Homemade Gift from My Kitchen
        Another very easy but also very cute gift is to give some homemade goodies. Baking yourself something, it really makes this gift more special.

Hope you get inspired! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

GIY Embellished Gloves

Hello lovelies!

        It's the Holiday season and everybody is looking for gifts. And I know, sometimes is really hard to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But I have an idea for you! So it's gloves and scarf weather, right? And I love wearing them. But I also think they are a great gift idea and you can customized them in many many ways. I love adding a personal touch to every gift I give. So why not glam it yourself a plain pair of gloves in two simple ways?

1. Embroidered Gloves
         For the first pair of GIY gloves you need : gloves (of course), tread, needle and scissors. Then you need an eight letter word and simply embroider each letter to the gloves. Very easy and very effective! Look how cute they are!

2. "I'm taken" Gloves
        Hehehe! This is my favorite one. Now, I'm not married yet, but I think this idea is so adorable and absolutely amazing! So here is what I used to glam it up my old pair of gloves : gloves (obviously), hot glue gun and a sparkly jewelry or button. Taaa-daaa ! Sorry boys, I'm taken . . . ! Hehehe!

         I hope you get inspired and I would love to see what you come up with! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Mini Christmas Tree

Hi my beautiful friends!

      So today I just want to share with you my mini Christmas tree decorated with red velvet bows. This is a tiny tree just for here, in Germany, to make my room a little Christmassy. But on Saturday we are going home and there it will be a big Christmas tree waiting for us to decorate it. I'm so excited!
Click here - Fancy jar for Christmas

Have fun preparing for the holidays! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Pink Diaper Cake

Hello my berries!

        I love making diaper cakes. I think they made such an unique and great gift for babies and mommies. Yesterday we went to spend the day with some friends and their new little baby girl.  And I'm so happy that I finally had the opportunity to make a pink diaper cake.         Click here and here to see two other versions of diaper cakes that I made.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joyful Nails

Happy third Sunday of Advent lovelies!

       Today we lit one more candle on our Advent wreath, the Joy candle. So in honor of that, today I'm sharing with you my joyful nails design.

Have a lovely and joyful Sunday!

Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Winter Flower Decor

Happy Friday my sweet little friends!

       Here is another very easy do it yourself craft idea using just a few things you have at home.

- paper
- decorative pearls
- hot glue gun
- pencil
- scissors
- gold spray paint
- foam
- twig
- bottle

Let's get started!
First draw a flower on the paper and cut it out.

         With the decorative gold spray and the foam paint your little flowers.

Then using hot glue, attach the pearls to the flowers.

         Now simply glue the flowers to the twig and placed into a bottle witch I already spray painted.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fancy Bottle for Christmas

Hello there my lovely berries!

        You all know how much I love decorating with bottles and jars. I love recycling! So today I'm going to show you a quick decoration idea made from an empty bottle. 

We need:
- bottle
- red & white threads
- needle
- fabric heart
- fake Christmas flowers

Let's get started!
        You need to combine the red and white threads together, wrap them around the bottle and secure with a nod.

         Then continue wrapping the threads around the bottle until you're happy with the result.

         Next, cut the thread and pull it through the needle. Then poke your needle through the fabric heart and secure it with a nod.

Now simply place your flowers in the bottle and it's done!

           Have a great day cuties and have fun preparing for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TP Roll Fun Little Treats

Hello lovelies!

        Today I have a very easy and very creative gift idea made from toilet paper rolls. They are great treats for the kids and they are also fun to make.

Here is what we need:
- toilet paper roll
- cellophane wrap
- ribbon
- tape
- scissors
- gift wrapping paper

Let's get started!
         Fist I really need to share this with you. I found this reindeer and snowflake themed toilet paper. And it also smells like cinnamon! How crazy is that? Aw, I love Holiday themed stuffs! 

        Now let's really get started. First you need to measure how long your roll is and cut your wrapping paper out to size. Then tape the paper to the roll.

Roll it in and tape the other end too.

        Next you need to wrap it into a cellophane wrap. Roll that up and tape it down.

Grab an end, twisted and then just tie some ribbon.

Fill it with your treats.

         Now grab your other end, twisted and also tie a ribbon. And that is it! So cute, right?

           Please let me know what you think! And also click here to see another idea to recycle toilet paper rolls. Have fun preparing for the Holidays!