Friday, March 9, 2012

Here Comes the Sun costume

     Hello lovelies! Today I will show you a cute and easy Sun costume for kids that you can make it yourself at home. I think it is great for Kindergarten celebration.
Here Comes the Sun
 Let's get started!
      First, you have to measure the child then draw the sun on the fabric.
Now cut the sun out.
The next step is to sew the edges of the sun.
         To add a joyful touch to this outfit, cut out two eyes and a smile. Then sew them to the sun.

Voila! This is the final project. Now go and have some fun!

I wish you all a sunny day my beautiful friends!


Laura07 said...

Ooo . . . it's so cute

Strawberry Love by Reny said...

Hihihi :D Thank you so much!