Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hearts for Dragobete

Happy Dragobete's Day lovelies!
     So today is Dragobete, the Romanian version of Valentine's Day!
Dragobete was a protector of love, bringing luck to young lovers and young people in general, like a Cupid.
      In Romania, they don’t go around sending roses and candy, or wishing each other “Happy Dragobete!". They said that it's the first day of spring. This is the time when nature wakes up from her sleep, birds look for places to build their nest, girls are being chased by boys and that ends in a kiss sealing the public engagement of two lovers. Ooo . . . so sweet!

        In honor of this day I will show you my outfit of the day : "Hearts for Dragobete"
Kiss me, Dragobete!

      So Dragobete is also a holiday of love, so why not celebrate it? Don't forget to kiss the girls, Dragobete!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

BeauTEAful Idea

Happy weekend my beautiful friends!
       So Valentine's Day is over, but that doesn't mean we can't do cute things like this lovely heart for your tea bag. This is a very cute way to show some love on an usual day to your special one, to your girlfriends or family or even for yourself.

All we need:
  • pink paper
  • heart shaped craft puncher
  • a tea bag
  • glue or hot glue gun
    Let's make a cute heart shaped tea bag:
    1. Punch two hearts from your pink paper.

    2. Take your tea out of the package and pull the brand name tag off the end of the string. 

    3.  Glue the two hearts together to the end of the string where the tea bag tag was.

           Let the heart dry for a minute. And then you have a pretty heart to go with your tea! Yes, it's really that easy! Enjoy!

    Have a beauTEAful day!

    Friday, February 22, 2013

    Feeling The LOVE Today

    Hello cuties!
         I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day filed with love and beautiful and yummy things! Mine was so special and lovely! We spent a comfy and romantic day together! Ooo . . . I love my sweet boyfriend!
    I LOVE YOU lovelies!
           Chocolate, sugar,  love notes, things that are pink, random acts of sweetness and flowers are a few reasons why I'm a huge fan of Valentine's Day. But as much as I love and enjoy to be spoiled, giving or doing something sweet for my boyfriend, a friend or for my family is too much fun.
             My boyfriend gave me this beautiful flowers! He is such a sweetie! They said that when a men gives to his beloved woman an orchid, he makes her a promise to spoil and protect her a lifetime. Also a pink orchid represents joy, happiness, innocence and pure affection to lovers.

            So today I just wanted to quickly share my love with you by doing a round-up of all my Valentine's ideas and projects.

    My Ombre Paper Rose Heart Decor

    Make a Romantic Candle

    DIY Heart Sweater

    DIY Wire Bow Ring

    Happiness comes from small things

    Hidden Choco Heart Orange Bundt Cake 

    for dessert

    DIY Heart Bookmark

    Hearts and Flowers

    Gift idea - Darling, You're My Dynamite!

    DIY Decor - TP Flower Wreath

    I LOVE YOU breakfast

    My Cute Heartbeat Nails design

    DIY Gift - Scratch-Off Card

    Cute and Easy Decor - P.S. I love you

    Have a lovely day! I LOVE you all!

    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    DIY Valentine's Day Scratch-Off Card and Photo

    Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!
          Yay it's Valentine's day! So today I'm gonna show you a creative idea for a Valentine's day card : a SCRATCH-OFF VALENTINE'S DAY CARD! This could be a last minute gift for your Valentine. Scratch-offs are so much fun! 
           We all tried the lottery and we all love scratching away with our coin at the card until we see it what's hiding under it. So today we are going to do the same thing on this card for your Valentine!

            This little Valentine’s Day scratch-off card is super easy to make. Here is what we need:
    • a card of your choice 
    • acrylic paint in any color 
    • dish soap 
    • paintbrush or a foam brush
     Step 1. Make your card.

    Step 2. Make the scratch-off paint : mix 2 parts acrylic paint with 1 part dish soap. Dish soap is the thing that makes the paint scratchable.

    Step 3. Cut out any type of stencil that you want to paint over and press firmly .

    Step 4. Then using a paintbrush or a foam brush (I found that a foam brush gave great coverage and only needed one coat) apply a thin coat of the scratch-off solution onto the text you want to hide and let dry for an hour. Then you probably need to apply a second coat so that it's covers the message.

    Step 5.  You’re done! Now just add a coin and let your Valentine to discover your special message.

           Now let me show you an even more creative way to make a scratch-off card. A SCRATCH-OFF POLAROID!

    This is really really fun to do and so cute! 
    Step 1. Print out your favorite photo and cut it out in the shape of  a Polaroid.  
    Scratch ME!
    Step 2. Just use tape to cover the white edges of your Polaroid, paint over and write a message like "Scratch me!" on the bottom. 

    Step 3.  Now give this to your Valentine and let him do the scratching thing.

    Easy, right?

          Hope you enjoy making these scratch off card and photo. Happy Valentine's Day!