Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Baby's First Haircut Ceremony

Good hello my lovelies!

       Today is a special day for us. Our cute godson had his very first haircut today. In the Romanian culture they do a baby's first haircut ceremony called "Taierea Motului". This basically means that only godmother can cut the godchild's hair for the first time.

        And to make this celebration even more special I had to do something personalized for my Lucas. So I made these adorable tray, a memory box to store baby's first lock of hair, scissors and hair brush. 

Have an awesome day!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Tropical Vibes

Happy Fashion Friday loves!

       The nights in Abu Dhabi are quite incredible an I've been enjoying them more than ever. Every evening we had dinner, then we went for a walk and last we enjoyed more live music and cocktails. My style for that night consisted of a pair of shorts, white shirt, some sandals and a comfy small shoulder bag.

Happy weekend!