Friday, May 31, 2013

Graduation Gifts Ideas

Hello cuties!

         It's graduation time! Even it's grad from high-school or from college it's still graduation.  
       So graduation day is such a wonderful even that comes to every student and with congratulations messages that wishing them to have a better future. And I have a few friends that are graduating this year. So in honor of that I made a few simple crafts that are very easy to make and they are cute too.

       Congratulations to every one who are graduating this year! I hope you will all have a wonderful life! Take care!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello my beautiful friends!
     Do you have siblings? Today is my little sister's birthday so I want to wish her a Very Happy Birthday! 

      ♫ Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Biiirthdaaaay dear Imelda! Happy Birthday to You! ♫  
       I wish you a wonderful birthday, filled with happiness, love, presents and cake! I love you! 
        So today's post is full of embarrassing photos of me and my sister when we were tiny.
         I don’t remember a ton of specific moments about being little and being an older sister, but what I do remember is pretty much being in charge of what happened to her. What to wear today? Or what to play? It was great being a child!

         I want to be a little girl again! No responsibilities! No worries! Just playing all day.

          I love looking through these old photos! I'm pretty sure you all have old pictures, so let's find them for the dear and sweet old memories.
Have a lovely day my sweet berries!

Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY Braided Necklace

Hello sweeties!
     I love making my own jewelry! So today I'm going to share with you this lovely necklace and I also what to show you how to make your own. It's so so easy!

We only need:
  • chain
  • fabric
  • wire
  • pliers
  • scissors 
    Let's get started! 
    First cut 6 stripes from the fabric.

    Next tie the ends together like here.

    Now take your wire and make two small rings.

          Then slide a ring trow the knotted ends of the fabric stripes and attach them to the chain.

     Now, let's start with the braiding.

           When you get to the end, secure it with the ring and attach to the chain like you did to the other end.

           Then you're done! And now you have your very own statement necklace.

    Let me know if you try this cuties! Don't forget to stay chic!

    Sunday, May 12, 2013

    Sunday Morning Coffee

    Happy Sunday cuties!
          Today I'm just sending my love to you with this lovely coffee. We all need a coffee break, don't you think? And I want to wish you an relaxing Sunday and a great week! 

    Love you all to the moon and back! Happy weekend!

    Friday, May 10, 2013

    Strawberry Love Favorites: April

    Hello my sweet berries!
          So today I'm going to do my April favorites. Time flies so fast, I just can't believe that it's May already. So I'm going to show you everything that I've been loving for the month April. 

    Let's get started! 
    1. Here are my favorite beauty products for this month.
          # For my hair, I'm still using the shampoo and conditioner from last month, Garnier Ultra Doux Heritage of Provence with Lavander Essential Oil and Rose from Grasse.

              #  For my hair I am also using this Leave-in treatment from Avon Advance Techniques with Moroccan Argan Oil. It's cheap but it really does his job.

         # As for my body, I'm using Dove go fresh nourishment body lotion. It's so refreshing and very moisturizing.

         # Next I have this Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. I've tried many different BB creams but this is my favorite one right now. 

          # For concealer I decided to give it a try to this Essence Stay natural concealer. It naturally covers imperfections and reduces dark circles.

         # My next favorite is a setting powder, and is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

         # My favorite mascara for this month has been the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara.

            # For my brows I've been using Essence lash & brow gel mascara

          # For my lips I've been using this lip balm from Miss Sporty Dr Balm in the shade Glam Kiss SOS

           # My favorite nail product is this Avon Speed Dry nail polish in the shade sprightly mint, Avon Colortrend in the shade Sugared Peach and Nail Expert Manicure for brittle nails.

           So this are all my beauty products for April and now we have the non-beauty favorites.
    1. My Fashion Favorites
     # Now my first clothing item is this super cute polka dot skirt.

          # My favorite favorite fashion item are this super comfy sport wedges. I'm really obsessed with this. I want to wear them every time.  

    # Next I have another skirt. This is from New Yorker.

    # My favorite accessory for this month is this statement necklace.  

    3. My "Yummy for the Tummy" favorites
     # One of my favorite food for April is the Milka ice cream

     # My favorite treat is of course Tic Tac Strawberry Mix. So yummy!

    4. DIY of the month
           It have to be this DIY Fabric Floral Headpiece that I made for the month of April. Oh I love wearing flowers in my hair. This is definitely my favorite DIY project for this month.

           So that's it for my April favorites. I hope you all enjoy this post, and let me know what are your favorites through the month of April. Hugs and kisses