Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paper Heart Decor

Good morning lovelies! 
     Today I made some cute heart shaped decoration. Very easy to make! All you need is some colored paper and a stapler.

Let's get started!
      Cut two strips of paper to 12″ by 1 1/2″, and two strips of paper 8″ by 1 1/2″.
      Line up all four strips to be even on one side. You have to arrange them so that when you bend them over in the next step, the patterns will all be in the right place.
      Bend the top end of each strip over to meet the bottom end where you’ve got everything all lined up together. See? There’s your heart!
      Secure the end with a couple staples. Then I used a little glue to stick a hanger between the curves of the heart.

I wish you all a beautiful day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Handmade Wedding Invitations

Hello my beautiful friends! 
      Spring is finally here! Yay!  You appreciate Spring so much more if you live where it is cold. I'm so happy for the Sunny days! With the beginning of warmer and longer days  also, the wedding season is off to a busy start. So I decided to make some Handmade Wedding Invitations. 
Here they are:
Wedding Invitation 1
Wedding Invitation 2
Wedding Invitation 3 (I)
Wedding Invitation 3 (II)
Wedding Invitation 4 (I)
Wedding Invitation 4 (II)
Wedding Invitation 5 (I)
Wedding Invitation 5 (II)
Wedding Invitation 6
Wedding Invitation 7 (I)
Wedding Invitation 7(II)

Wedding Invitation 8
Wedding Invitation 9 (I)
Wedding Invitation 9 (II)
Wedding Invitation 10
Wedding Invitation 11
Wedding Invitation 12 (I)

Wedding Invitation 12 (II)

Wedding Invitation 13

Wedding Invitation 14 (I)
Wedding Invitation 14 (II)
Wedding Invitation 15

Wedding Invitation 16 (I)
Wedding Invitation 16 (II)
Wedding Invitation 17 (I)
Wedding Invitation 17 (II)
Wedding Invitation 18 (I)
Wedding Invitation 18 (II)

 Have a lovely Spring Day!
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Here Comes the Sun costume

     Hello lovelies! Today I will show you a cute and easy Sun costume for kids that you can make it yourself at home. I think it is great for Kindergarten celebration.
Here Comes the Sun
 Let's get started!
      First, you have to measure the child then draw the sun on the fabric.
Now cut the sun out.
The next step is to sew the edges of the sun.
         To add a joyful touch to this outfit, cut out two eyes and a smile. Then sew them to the sun.

Voila! This is the final project. Now go and have some fun!

I wish you all a sunny day my beautiful friends!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY Cute Paper Flowers

     I thought I'd share this easy and cute decor idea.  Making paper flowers  is a fun paper activity, and the flowers will last a long, long time! All it takes is some colorful paper and a healthy dose of imagination.

 Here's how to make them:
      Draw some figure 8's on the back of your patterned paper.  You'll need five of them--three of them need to be 1 inch longer than the other two.  

     Cut them out, leaving enough space at the center to punch holes without tearing through. 
           Layer the three larger ones on top of each other making sure they're offset.  Layer the two smaller ones on top of those, and make sure they're offset as well. Punch two holes through the center of the stack with a hole puncher.
      Thread a wire up through the bottom of the flowers, adding a button at the top and then going back down through the opposite hole in the button and out the bottom of the flower. Twist the wire tightly starting as close as possible to the bottom of the flower.  Arrange in a vase and you are done!

 Have a wonderful Sunday lovelies!