Monday, December 11, 2017

Pregnancy Update: SECOND TRIMESTER

Happy Mommy Monday!

        I can't believe I'm already in my third trimester!!! The second trimester gone so quickly, and also it feels like I've been pregnant for so long. Only 11 weeks and 3 days more until we meet, my baby girl! My belly got so big these past weeks, and I know I'm geting even bigger and bigger over course of my last trimester. 
        So here is my little recap of what my second trimester was like.

14 WEEKS - Baby size: a lemon
Welcome second trimester!

15 WEEKS - Baby size: an avocado
You are sucking your thumb!

16 WEEKS - Baby size: an apple
Those first movements can feel like a large range of things, from a flutter like butterflies, to gas, to popcorn popping!

17 WEEKS - Baby size: a pear
My bump is getting big!

18 WEEKS - Baby size: a sweet potato
Your daddy loves the new silhouette you give me!

19 WEEKS - Baby size: a zucchini
IT'S A GIRL!!! Huge belly! People constantly ask me if I'm having twins :) 

20 WEEKS - Baby size: a mango
50% of you is done!

21 WEEKS - Baby size: a banana
Daddy and I getting to feel your small kicks!

22 WEEKS - Baby size: a pomegranate
She is playing with her face, body or umbilical cord!

23 WEEKS - Baby size: a papaya
Family felt baby moving for the first time!

24 WEEKS - Baby size: a grapefruit
We announce our gender reveal! IT'S A GIRL!

25 WEEKS - Baby size: a melon
Baby's kicking like crazy!

26 WEEKS - Baby size: a cauliflower
Daddy and I are amazed every time we see your movements and kicks!

27 WEEKS - Baby size: a bunch of bananas
We've reached the end of the 2nd timester!

Take care Mommies!

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