Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's a . . . G I R L !

Hello my sweet berries!

It's a .............. G I R L !!!

        Today I'm officially 25 weeks pregnant and counting it everyday! I can't believe it! First I didn't truly believe that everything we experience was real, but now I'm starting to think that the 9 months of pregnancy gives you time to enjoy each moment of this beautiful miracle, called life. It's amazing and I don't know how, but nature was tought of everything.
         First it was a positiv pregnancy test, then a digital one, just to be sure ^_^ Then it was the first ultrasound, first heartbeat and tears of joy. On August 20th we felt the baby's little moves, they felt more like a butterfly wings. Then on October 7th we felt baby's stronger movements for the first time, it was definitely her first kick, but yet these stronger movements are so . . . natural. A sensation that you can not confuse or compare it to anything else, is unique.
         And now we found out we are having a baby girl! The minute the ultrasound technician said girl we both exploded with happiness! We feel blessed! Now I'm so excited to start buying pink and cute little outfits and dresses . . . aww!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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