Monday, November 13, 2017


Happy Mommy Monday, lovelies!

Here are my top pregnancy must-haves witch I can't live without. ^_^

1. Water
Yes, water! This sounds like a no-brainer, but honestly drinking enough water is so important, especially during pregnancy. And if you know me, than you know I can't go anywhere without a bottle of water. I just love water!

2. Prenatal vitamins
I'm taking the FemiBaby everyday. These come with two tablets : a prenatal multivitamin which includes folic acid and an omega-3 fish oil capsule.

3. Maternity clothes
Before pregnancy, it had never occured to me to buy maternity clothes. But they make such a big difference, especially maternity jeans and leggings, trust me. I seriously can't imagine going without them!

4. Bio Oil
Whether you're already got stretch marks or you're just preventing them, or you want to keep your skin well moisturised, every pregnant woman should have some bio-oil in their life! So I use this everyday at night time before bed on my boobs, belly and hips to prevent new stretch marks and also to help with the old ones. 

5. Snack & Tea
Especially on my first trimester I always had to eat something, a little snack or a fruit, or else I felt sick. I've always been a big coffee and tea drinker, but ever since getting pregnant I don't like drinking coffee anymore. But I still love tea, and I drink it everyday. 

6. Pregnancy pillow
OMG! If is something I needed the most, than that is a maternity pillow. I started using it in the second trimester when sleeping gets uncomfortable and you need more support at night. You can also use this afterwards for nursing.

7. Batiste Dry Shampoo
I think every mommy-to-be and every new mom shoud have a bottle of dry shampoo around. ^_^  I shower everyday, but I wash my hair only two times per week. But during my pregnancy, my hair gets greasy really quickly, so for me, a dry shampoo is a must have (but make sure not to inhale it)

8. Ovia Pregnancy App
There are so many pregnancy apps available now and I've downloaded quite a few but the one I really feel is the most informative and easiest to keep up with is the Ovia Pregnancy app. This tracks your pregnancy and sends you daily tips and updates on symptoms, and as well your baby's growth.

9. Pregnancy books
I love reading! And even before getting pregnant I know I wanted to read and to be more informed about my pregnancy. But actually I didn't bought a book immediately when we found out we were expecting. I only bought these 2 books just a couple of months ago, one is in roumanian and the other one is in german. 

          I hope this blog post helps, especially if you're going through your first pregnancy, like me, and you're looking for some tips!

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