Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DIY Hidden Kinder Surprise Egg Message

Hello my lovely berries!

       Lots of people have been asking me lately if I am pregnant? Well . . . No, I'm only chocolate and ice cream pregnant! ^_^ So I made a hidden surprise egg message for my hubby. It was so much fun to make and his reaction was so funny. 
        And now I want to show you how to personalize a Kinder Surprise egg with a small gift of your choice. I decided to put a Reny-like message in the little egg surprise.

What you need:
- Kinder Surprise egg (obviously) 
- a knife
- a heating source (I used hot water)

Let's get started!
Step 1. Start by gently pelling off the aluminum foil from the egg. 

Step 2. Open the chocolate egg in half and take the toy out.

Step 3. Write your special message or use other surprise gift. 

Step 4. Roll up the message and introduce it in the yellow container. 

Step 5. Pour hot water over a knife to melt the edges slightly. Place the container inside and quickly seal the shell with the other half while the edges are still melted. 

Step 6. Here come the most difficult part. Carefully wrap your chocolate egg as if it had never been opened. 

Step 7. We are done! Now give the gift to somebody and wait for the reaction! ^_^ 

        And I also thought I'll make a little video! So check it out, please!

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