Tuesday, March 21, 2017

RIP My Baby Liza

It was a sad, sad day . . .

. . . and it still is since my baby went away. Six days ago, on March 16, 2017 my best friend passed away. My baby Liza went over the rainbow bridge. It hurts! She was my baby girl, my first child, my furry baby, my person, my little goofy ball, my perfect gift (in 2009 my hubby gifted me my baby girl) our trial baby as we used to say, my best friend, my little angel, my little princess the single child in our family, my baby Liza . . . she was my perfect. I've couldn't imagine a better dog for me and for my family. 
       She was the reason I started my blog, because the first post I ever shared on Strawberry Love by Reny was with her and her cute clothes I made for her. She was the reason I started my YouTube channel. My first video was with her being crazy after bath. We took our Save the Date picture with her. (I was so hoping we can share our pregnancy with her, too) My first picture on Instagram was with her. The day before our wedding day, we took a picture with her to share our excitement. Everything I did, I did it with her. We were a little family of three. I miss her so, so much!


       Thank you all! Thank you for all the love and all the sympathy,  condolences to me!

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