Wednesday, October 14, 2015

RenySaysIDO: DIY Flower Crown

Happy Wedding Wednesday my loves!
          It's time for another do it yourself wedding idea! Flower crowns are my favorite and most versatile pieces, because you can wear them at music festivals, at weddings or just on a casual afternoon spent with your friends. 

          There's something so fairy and oh-so-girly about them. So, of course, I had to make one for my wedding. I also made another cute and girly flower crown a couple of years ago.

- headband
- ribbon
- hot glue gun
- flowers (real or faux, your choice)

Let's get started!
1. Glue the ribbon to the headband.

2. Once you have your design, attach each flower to the headband.

3. We are done! So simple and delicate! I truly love how it turned out.

Take care my loves! Have an awesome day!

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